You can’t win alone. If you have a goal, don’t be afraid of sharing.

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People sometimes fail to believe in themselves. Even someone who seems to be successfully pursuing their goals.

People tend to think that they shouldn’t share their stories with others so much, because that could end up your idea, resource, or even success being stolen by someone else.

Sometimes people focus on competing so much and that keeps them from sharing their stories with others – stories about their fears, worries, ideas, thoughts, and so forth.

But I believe that’s the opposite thing what people with dreams and passions should do. Instead of competing, they should start talking to each other more. If you are working towards your goal, share the stories that excites you, motivates you, upsets you, with likeminded people around you.

If you find something you can relate in other people’s stories, that will help you to believe in yourself again, when you have a hard time.

You might also learn something new through the conversations. You might find someone who has the completely opposite view as the one you have. You might realize that someone who you thought you can agree with about everything, actually had a very different way of thinking from yours.

Even if you can’t agree with everything that someone says, you don’t need to feel stressed about it. That’s great, actually. That can open your eyes and broaden your perspective. That could give you an opportunity to reevaluate your work objectively, and that could help you to correct or adjust your plans and goals.

It always gives you great lessons to listen to other people, about how they see each situations and how they respond to them. 

And yours too. For people around you, your stories can be something eyeopening or fruitful to listen.

Find someone who’s excited about their own lives, and share your stories with them. Talk about what you’re passionate about, what you’ve been working on, and even what you’ve been struggling with.

Hard work is crucial for a success, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should always keep you busy working all the time, or that hanging out with other people is the waste of your time. You definitely need friends as much as you need the hard work.

I already gave you one reason why you should focus on sharing – because you can learn from each other. And here’s another reason.

When you’re excited about what you’re doing, you yourself can be empowering and inspiring to other peopleYour excitement can be something contagious. You can share the good vives with others, and still can keep your energy tank full, because you can also be empowered and inspired by other people, who are also excited about what they are doing.

The more strong you want your dreams come true, the more you should focus on sharing and cooperating with other people, rather than competing.

If you focus on competing too much,  you will get caught up with negative thoughts – thought about how to deceive others, how to get everything for yourself, and other manipulative, envious thoughts and feelings.

That will eventually leave you all alone. That can trap you in your small, lonely world where you thought only you would win – but in reality, you’ll never win. 

Let’s face it, you can’t do much completely by yourself, without relying on anyone else. And of course, neither can’t I. As much as you wish you achieve your goals, you need company. You need friends who you can inspire, motivate, help and support each other.

It could be easy to feel jealous when you see other people’s success, but remember, they are not who you should be jealous of. Jealousy can only make you ugly and lonely.

But instead, you should be more positive and open to them. Be interested in them, and learn from them. Celebrate their happiness and mean it. Because by doing so, you can give them positive energy, and that will also give you energy too. Then you can gradually create a team with them.

By sharing knowledge, experiences, ideas, and positive energies with each other, you will be a team.

This “team” does not have to be an actual team you work together.

It’s more about something emotional. Who you need is someone who care, and wish each other’s happiness and success. Someone who you can talk to when you have a hard time, who you can learn from.

Because what keeps us from our goals most could be ourselves. We often fail to believe in our own possibilities. It is really hard to believe in ourselves all the time, and it is too hard to always stay positive.

The team – group of people who you care, motivate, inspire, support, and learn from each other – can be the most powerful reason that can keep you going when you are facing difficulties.

Once you find someone who you want to call them as your “teammate” and start sharing more,  you’re no longer alone – you have a team to win together.


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