Work on your craft with love, it will light up the world

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For example when I hear that some traditional cultures or techniques are extincting, or when I hear some news that someone who gave a great influences to the world passed away, those facts themselves make me sad.

At the same time, something gives me some uneasy feelings, too. I somehow feel anxious, or worried. I can’t help thinking as if all the good things are going to disappear one after another as the time goes by, and there will be nothing good left in the world, someday in the future.

Then I realize that this should be wrong. There must always be good things created even at this right moment, and there must always be someone new, who are beautifully creating new good things.
Then, who are they? If there are, and I’m sure there are, someone who can bring something new that can be a new great influences to the world, what kind of people are they?

In my opinion, that should be someone who always work on their crafts with love and passion, and someone always try to improve their crafts.

If you have something you love doing, or something you are passionate about, please stop worrying about what other people might think, and please just keep on working.
I have no experience of being very successful by following my passion, yet, so I don’t honestly know if this can be any persuasive.
But somehow, I just can’t help thinking that only something created from love or passion, can be something really good.

Yes, you can analyse people, and carefully calculate what people are gonna like, and create something based on the the data. It might sell, and that’s a great thing! But still, it’s just something created to sell.

What really moves, inspires, encourages people are … something created from love.
Things created to sell and things created from love must be different. They look different, they smell different, they make you feel different. Maybe there are a lot of people who can’t tell or even care about the difference at the beginning, but there’s always gonna be somebody who can tell the difference, and they are going to appreciate your craft. And your craft, created from your love, can eventually be something moves and inspires people.

When people hear “following your passion” or “keep in doing what you love”, some might take it as “excuses to ignore what you don’t want to do” or even “immaturity”. Hate to admit, but that can be true for some people.

However, it’s very easy to tell who’s actually following their passion and who’s just making excuses using the word “passion”. They simply act very different.

If you have something you love so much that you can’t ever use it as an excuse to aviod anything, that’s what you should work on.

Just because, people work on what they truely love … are the lights of the world.

How bright the lights will be? We don’t know yet. Some might be so bright that it lights up the whole world. Some might be a little light which is just enough to kindly warm the heart of someone right next you.
Both are equally important, precious, and beautiful lights.

I’ll work on what I love, so I want you to work on what you love. Let’s not give up what we love, just because everybody needs and deserves the lights.
If it’s just someone next to you, or even if it’s just you that notice the light, that’s simply a beautiful thing.


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