Who’s Gonna Take You to A Whole New World?

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Sometimes we expect others to make something good happens to us.

Just like Aladdin shows up and takes Jasmine to a whole new world with the magic carpet,

sometimes we wish if someone could take us to somewhere we can be who we want to become, feel appreciated, and finally – be happy.

And then all the problems we had are solved and everything becomes perfect.

We might also wish if a great chance could suddenly come our ways and we finally stand in a spotlight.


From time to time, we tend to rely on outside of ourselves – the world, circumstances, people, or even luck – for our happiness and success, deep down inside. With or without noticing, we keep waiting for magics to happen for us and fix everything.

But those expectations are hardly realistic. Nothing is more uncertain than doing nothing and just waiting for things to change,

and nothing is more disappointing than realizing that anything we expected and waited for so long didn’t and will not actually happen.


Who’s gonna take you to a whole new world?


If there’s anyone who can take you to where you really want to be, it should be you. 

It’s only you who can do that to yourself.

It’s not that other people are not reliable or not worth trusting,  it is rather the opposite.

No matter how hard people around you encourage you to go for whatever you want, 

if you cannot be courage enough, if you don’t do anything to realize it, nothing will change.

No matter how long you wait, you’ll end up still being exactly where you are right now – whether you like it or not.


If you want something to happen, you should be the one who takes actions for it, and make it real.

If you have a place you want to go, YOU should take yourself to that place.

You’re the only person who can actually show you a whole new world.


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