What I Realized by Filming One Second Each Day

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I’ve been (trying to ) filming one second every single day since the beginning of this year, by using an app called “1 Second Everyday”.
The app instantly combines all the short videos into one if you press just one button, and you can reflect your days, months, or years by watching the collected seconds.
I was inspired to try this by one of my favorite YouTuber, who uploaded her video of a year, when she filmed a second each day from her birthday to her next birthday. The video was quite moving, so I believed that mine would be like that, too.

However, I am just an ordinary girl living on my own, working every weekday for a company which doesn’t look pretty in any way. Not a YouTuber, or an Instagramer. It was unexpectedly hard to find the one second I want to and I am allowed to film, every single day.
Consequently, sometimes I just can’t find the right time to film, or I become too lazy to even to try, or worse, completely forget about it. But I’m trying not to quit, and to keep filming as long as I can. There’re some days I fell off, but I’m still enjoying it.

It is so tempting to watch the combined video, but I always try not to watch it too often, since that can decrease the enjoyment and excitement when I watch it at the end of this year. However, the other day I realized that it has already passed a few (or more) months since the last time I watched it, so I allowed myself to watch it….. and that was when I realized something.

There are a bunch of videos that I thought they are not interesting or fun to watch at all when I filmed, but even those seconds felt like something really special and precious. That was a weird feeling, but nice at the same time.

I’m not trying to say “This app is great so you should try it!”. To be honest, my point is rather the opposite. You should always fully live in the moment and try to remember as much as possible, since phones or cameras are – please don’t get me wrong, they are amazing, but still – can’t work as the way our eyes, minds, and hearts do.
There might be some time you are not allowed to film for some reasons, or some time you don’t want to interrupt whatever is going on by taking out your phone and start filming. The one second I can film and the actual highlight of the day can’t help being a little (or a lot) different, all the time.

More importantly, recording even boring, not very special moments made me realize this one thing.

If there’s something we really look forward to, until then, we tend to live doing a countdown.
Two more weeks to go…. One week to go….
I can’t wait! Three days to go…
Finally, it’s tomorrow!
….Maybe like that.

While doing that, we tend to forget about or underestimate those normal, ordinary days in between those big, fun events. We just let go. We “kill” those time.

That can also leads to something like this.
If there are some people we meet quite often, who we can see whenever we want, we hang out all the time, or if there are things we always do, we do very frequently even without thinking much, those people or things gradually become something “it’s always there”. They become so “natural” that we forget to pay enough attention, to appreciate, to fully enjoy.

But we should always remember, as long as you are living your own life and others are living their own, nothing will be “always there”. Nothing stays the same. Everything changes eventually and you might miss it some day, sometimes even without a chance that you know it is going to change. I will miss those boring, not instagramable seconds some day.

It is unquestionably a great thing that you have some days that you look forward to so much that you can’t help doing a countdown. You are very happy to have that in your life.
But those days in between – nothing special, and you might be wishing if they could pass as quick as possible – are also consequences of small miracles that happened in your life. Spending those days by trying to figure out its value may or may not change the way we see and spend them.

When I get bored with my daily life, when a few days until the weekend seems so hard to get by, or when I feel down when Sunday ends, I will always try to remind me of this idea.
And if you try to think this way, but you can’t find anything you can enjoy during those not-so-special days, maybe it’s a sign that something in your life needs to be changed. Maybe it’s time to make a change. It’s easy to forget when you are very busy, but it’s actually you who is creating your environment. And it’s just you who can change it.

Thinking about all these things, now I want to live my boring days trying to realize how meaningful and irreplaceable they really are.

By the day, you can download the app”1 Second Everyday” from here. Check it out if you’re interested, and please let me know what you thought!


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