Visiting a museum – The beauty of encounters and changes

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I visited Okayama Museum of Art to see a temporary special exhibition, “From Monet and Renoir to Picasso”, when I went back to my hometown Okayama.
Honestly, I don’t know much, or any, about fine art, but I LOVE to visit museums anyway, since I can always find something that  touches my heart, inspires me, and gives me new thoughts and realization.

This time of course, was no exception. There were a lot of beautiful artworks that moved me, but I’m not going to talk about art here, since as I already wrote, I have no idea or knowledge about art. Instead, I’d love to put what I thought and realized through this exhibition here.

(Note: There were small area that allowed every visitor to take photos of the paintings. All the photos here are taken by the permission of the museum.)

“Flowered Riverbank, Argenteuil” – Claude Motet (photo by Risa, Aug 15 2018)


Even though I live in the completely different time and place, I can see the real and original paintings from the far past and places for a very reasonable price (JPY 1,300).
I mean, the true, genuine, the exact paintings that the great artists actually painted. By my own eyes.

I often go to museums when I want, without much thinking, but I realized that the fact I am able to do so, is simply a wonderful thing. I felt very grateful about the opportunities we have, realized by a lot of people’s effort to keep the arts safe and clean thorough out the years and transportation.


“View of the Tristan Isle, Morning” – Eugène-Louis Boudin (photo by Risa, Aug 15 2018)


And one more thing I realized was that we all change over time, by reacting, reflecting, and absorbing all the encounters, environments, and experiences.

People change. But I’ve always been thinking that that always happens subconsciously, and even as if it is just being influenced and not cool.

However, throughout this exhibition, I noticed how much all the artists and their paintings changed over time. They are great artists, who must had always been thinking, working, trying so hard, and making a lot of mistakes throughout their lives. Even they change. Even they are influenced by their surroundings, and that is such a beautiful thing.

People change, and that’s beautiful.

Even today, which seems nothing special so far, has full of possibilities that can somehow influence me, inspire me, encourages me, and gradually and eventually, changes me. With this thought, now I can find this precious day a little more exciting and enjoyable.


“Banks of the Loin River, Morning” – Alfred Sisley (photo by Risa, Aug 15 2018)
“Haystacks at Giverny”- Claude Monet  (photo by Risa, Aug 15 2018)
“Pear Trees in Bloom at Eragny, Morning” – Camille Jacob Pissarro (photo by Risa, Aug 15 2018)
“Girl in a Lace Hat” – Pierre Auguste Renoir  (photo by Risa, Aug 15 2018)

The special exhibition, POLA Museum Presents
“Monet and Renoir to Picasso” is held until Sunday August 26, 2018.

If you have any chance to stop by Okayama City, please take your time and check out the beautiful collection.


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