The Beauty and Secret of Being Different

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If you find someone who seems quite different from you, take it as a chance and just try to enjoy it.

Chances are the differences are just about the superficial things.


For the past a few years, I was lucky enough to meet quite a few people who has very different backgrounds but have similar values and perspectives to mine.

They must have experienced very different things from what I’ve experienced, but surprisingly, what they value are quite similar to what I value.


Even people who come from almost the same backgrounds differ person to person,

just like every student in the same class of the same school has quite different personalities.


Deep, inner aspects of people such as perspectives, values, and personalities, are surely influenced by the paths they’ve come, in other words, what they’ve experienced.

But “how” they experienced, in other words, how they did whatever they where working on, what they thought throughout the time, and how they take what happened to them during that time, would be more effective, I recently think.

There are lot of ways to judge people, such as gender, age, appearance, job, finance, possession, but all of them are just easy ways, but by far not precise.

To actually see the person, those measures are not necessarily effective.


We often find someone who is realizing and expressing what you are feeling, thinking, or wanting deep inside, through actions, words, or creating artworks.

I think this could happen because we are influenced and created by not just “what” we do, superficial measurable aspects, but also “how” we do, something deeper, inner, more ambiguous, and beyond measure.


When you find someone who you think “Wow, this person is very different from me” or  “Well, this person is nothing like those around me, and this makes me uncomfortable”, you should always remember that they actually have values that you can deeply understand or emphasize.

Your life is full of wonderful possibilities that even someone once you thought nothing like you, happens to be your best friend, or loved ones.


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