Starting a New Thing is Easier than You Think. [Part 3. How to Stay Motivated for a Long Time]

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Want to start something new? … But not sure if you really can do it, or where you should start? If you say yes, this post is for you. This is the part 3, the last post of the series “Starting a New Thing is Easier than You Think.”

Why is it easier than we assume? I already talked about two main reasons:

  1. These days there are so many of easy to start, reasonable, but high quality ways you can learn new things by yourself. (For the details, please check part 1.)
  2. You can learn so much by yourself, but you are still going to need someone to ask for help, or someone who encourages you – and there are also plenty of ways you can go and find right people you are going to need. (For the details, please check part 2.)

Even with these two reasons, you might still have something keeps you from starting what you actually want to try. You are probably worried like this – “Maybe it’s not difficult to start, but I’m not sure if I can stick to it.” “I don’t want to look stupid by quitting really soon.” In this post, I would like to talk about 2 keys to keep you motivated for a long time.

3. How to Stay Motivated for a Long Time
3-1. Keep You Accountable.

Share your goal with other people. Tell someone what you are going to start, and keep them updated by regularly telling them what you did, and how you progressed.

You can post on social media, or if it feels too official, you can just tell someone really close to you. The key is to keep you in a situation that other people can know whether you are doing it or not.

In such situations, you will care about what other people would think if you stop doing it or slack off, and that will be really helpful to keep you from being too lazy.

Also, if you can find someone who supports you, that person will definitely be a great motivation for you.

You don’t necessarily need so many likes and comments on your social media posts, because once you know there is just one person who is supportive to you, you will start feeling you are responsible – in a good way. You start to feel that is something you should do, because that person is counting on you, wishing you achieve something great. If you feel that way, you will try to figure out how you can keep doing it even when you are busy, or even things get harder.

Through telling people what you do by posting on social media or sending messages, you also can reassure that you did something to work towards your goal, and review what you achieved that day.

Sometimes you can do a lot more than what you usually do, simply by thinking about someone who are looking forward to see your success – you will be able to do more so that you can make them surprised and excited with your work.

I would have stopped blogging by now.

When I just started blogging, I was actually not going to tell anyone about it until I become confident after trying on my own for a while. I was basically embarrassed. However, that didn’t work. It was so hard for me to be motivated enough to write when I knew nobody was going to read anyway. Then I told my friends on social media about this blog with so much worries – and it turned to be not embarrassing at all, but unexpectedly encouraging.

Someone really unexpected gave me good feedback and comments. Old friend who I hadn’t been in touch with for years sent me nice messages about my blog posts.

Even someone who didn’t seem very interested once asked me “I don’t see your tweets about your blog updates these days. Did you stop?” Actually that was exactly when I was busy and becoming a little lazy about blogging, but I didn’t want to admit, so I tried to hide it by just answering, “No, no, I never stop blogging I love it! But I was too busy for work…” Then I started writing the next post immediately after I got home.

Even someone who don’t usually hit the like buttons or comment on my social media, when I meet them in person, they sometimes surprise me by asking me some questions or giving me really thoughtful and helpful comments and advice about my blog.

Telling people what you are trying to do gives you a lot of and variety of opportunities to stay motivated. Sometimes because you don’t want to look irresponsible or uncool, and sometimes because you are truly happy that there are some people who supports you, you can keep going. When you feel like quitting – whether because you are being lazy, or because you are feeling down when things are not working as you expected, just knowing there are people who care about your work helps you so much.

I would have stopped blogging by now, if I had not told anyone about it. Even though I love doing this so much.

Too scared if people judge you? You’re gonna be fine.

Maybe you might not want to make it official at the very beginning. You might be worried if people are going to judge you, or if people say something like this – “Can you really do that?” “Do you think you are good enough?” That’s exactly how I felt before I tell people about the blog.

I’m not going to say no one will judge you. There might be some people who are not really supportive.

However, those people will change how they react by time.  People could get surprised or confused about the new, unknown part of you when you just start, and some of them might react negatively. But if you keep doing it and keep posting about it anyway, they will get used to it.

Some of them could even start to realize how serious and committed you are, and they might change their attitudes. They might start to be supportive. They could end up being your biggest fans. We never know.

In other (and a little strong) words, you are at least trying, but those people who are being negative about you are probably not. As long as they are not trying while you are, they have no rights to judge you in the first place. They are just not worth worrying about.

3-2. Be Surrounded by Positive People.

Keep you surrounded by positive, encouraging, and supportive people.

People cannot live without changes. We human beings live with changes. We need to change from time to time.

However, we also hate changes sometimes. Especially when someone important to us is going to change. Even if it is a positive change, of course we feel happy for them, but at the same time, we tend to feel scared, too. And the more important the person is to us, the more scared we tend to feel – because we are afraid that the change could take that person away from us.

If you are really kind and nice person, perhaps you are keeping yourself from changing, so that you don’t have to make people around you feel scared or worried.

It seems like we are relatively more open and understanding about changes for reasons from outside; such as changes caused by orders from the company or boss, changes for the job, changes for your family. Most people seem to understand that these changes are important and inevitable sometimes.

But there is a different type of changes we also need – changes for reasons from inside. Changes for reasons from inside happens not for other people or your environment. Those changes happen simply because you want. You change because – you have something you want to try. You have a vision. You have a goal. Just because you want to change. We also need this type of changes – at least for me, people who live with these changes look a lot more amazing – however, we tend to be negative, judgmental, and conservative about these changes.

We are scared when we jump into a change, so we definitely need someone who encourages you, supports you, and gives you constructive advice.

Trying a new thing is easier than you think. However, nothing works or grows overnight. Most of the “new things” people try takes a certain time until they reach their goals. Things start working as you grow with your continuous and tireless works. Who do you need on that long journey? Someone wants to keep you as the way you are? Or someone supports you and even grows with you along the way?

Always be surrounded by positive people, who gets you and trusts you.

This is the biggest lesson I learned in the past a few years. Your possibilities and experiences can change drastically, depending on who you spend time with.

Recently I am more open to new things. Trying a new thing requires you to trust you. The most important reason I am able to keep working on what I am passionate about, including blogging, is because now I am surrounded by positive people. I mean, you. Thank you for being here and being supportive.

If you have something you want to start, but not sure if you have someone who will be supportive to your change, let me be the “positive people” for you. Just like people around me have always been supportive to me, I would love to be supportive to people who wants to change.


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