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Now Japanese summer holiday is over, it’s time to get back to the reality.
Throughout the holiday, I managed to meet people I love, see a lot of beautiful things, and spend time in the great nature. Every minute was go rewarding. I feel a lot more energized than I expected, thanks to all these experiences.

When I’m feeling like this, it’s very good time to write these positive thoughts so that I can look back when things get harder again in the future.

1. Peope at workplace are also humans.
Of course I know that. At least for now. However, when I’m caught up in too much tasks, it’s surprisingly easy to forget that. So do those people work around me. And sometimes we end up saying careless and thoughtless things to each other.
When came back to work, I realized many of them seemed like they enjoyed their holidays. Nicely tanned, with a fresh look, and even with smiles.
It’s always good to know someone had a good time. Maybe I’ll ask them where they went, who they spent time with, or what they enjoyed.
If your naturally very open and friendly person, you might not need to think this way, but for me, as such an introvert, imagining their happy holidays helps me to be more kind, caring, and thoughtful to them.

2. When you work in a good mood, things tend to go smoothly.
Let’s intentionally be happier person when you work. as much as we can.
If you’re asking someone to help you, or, if someone’s asking you to help him or her, it’s always better to ask or to respond in a good mood. We have to do that work anyway. If you’re in a bad mood, people around you will feel sorry to ask you to do that work. If you’re in a good mood, people around you will feel more grateful for your work. It’s always better to be said “Thank you” than to be said “Sorry”.

3. People have flaws, just like you do.
Just like you’re not perfect, people around you aren’t perfect either. It’s okay to have flaws, so be a little bit more kind to those around you.

4. You have flaws, just like everyone else does.
It’s okay if you make mistake. Everyone else does, too. So just stop beating yourself up, and learn from it. It’s okay if you’re not perfect, it just means you’re human.

5. There’s nothing wrong about asking for help.
It’s okay to ask for help, it’s just necessary. I often try to do everything by myself, try to solve the problems by myself, and … almost explode. Then I realize that it was a bad idea. Actually, asking for necessary help is also one type of skill.
Yes, you might think all of that work is your responsibility. You also might say, everybody else has full of tasks too so you can’t ask them to do more. I know those feelings, but, the chances are how you and your coworkers are approaching the tasks are wrong. or inefficient. And when it comes to thinking about it and finding other solution, you’re not the only one who’s responsible. It’s about everyone.

6. Sometimes things have to go wrong before it become right.
Here’s a quote that saved me when I was almost quitting this job thinking, I’m not good enough, or I can’t stand this busyness and stress.
“When you feel like quitting, remember that sometimes things have to go very wrong before they can be right.”
“4 good reminders when you’ve had a bad day” – ANGEL CHERNOFF, from Marc and
Just don’t quit or give up easily like that. Don’t let those negative thoughts stop you.

7. It’s not necessarily the worst thing to work too much.
If you are working too much, it’s not necessarily a bad thing unless it kills you. So don’t blame yourself too much for being caught up in busyness.
Of course overtime work sucks, and you should take a day offs on weekends, but sometimes things don’t work as you want. Sometimes you just can’t help working too much. I’m not saying it’s a good thing (never!), but if you’re blaming yourself, that’s a different story. You’re already in a tough situation, and you’re still here trying. No need to beat you up for working that hard. Never do that.


I hope those reminders from current happy me are gonna help me in the future someday when I’m feeling tired.


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