Reminder: No Judge, Don’t Worry, People are Kinder than You Think

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When you have a opportunity to meet people you’ve never met before, what do you think? How do you feel?

Do you like meeting new people? Or would you rather run away from that situation?
I personally love opportunities to meet someone new. Sometimes you might end up being best friends, sometimes you will never meet each other again. We never know what’s gonna happen… It might be a beginning of something exciting. It might not be, but that’s also okay. That unpredictability always makes me feel excited and interested.

Even so, sometimes I become one of those people who try to avoid having a meaningful conversations with strangers, so that I don’t have to open up myself and let them see who I am.


I’ve been thinking this might be because as I became older, I became calmer and quieter, but chances are that’s not the only reason.


Basically I don’t like the idea that someone is better than someone, or someone is worse than someone. I’m not a big fan of status, rank, money or which company he or she is working for kind of stuff.

A lot of people seem to judge people based on those superficial aspects, but to be honest, I think they are just being lazy. I would rather take some time to actually see the person and try to realize the good in each person I meet, as much as I can. And I always write about something like that on this blog.

However, it seems like my very coward and insecure self is actually living in myself, somewhere even I don’t know, and she is sneakily judging people behind my back.

Since she’s being judgmental to others, she’s afraid of others, believing as if they are also being judgmental to her. Which is, quite pointless since we never know what other people are actually thinking.

Now I know and can say that that’s pointless, but sometimes, even before I know, I let the vulnerable and self conscious part of me beat my true self, take over the control of how I feel and what to do.


But the more I interact with people, the more I realize that there are so many people who doesn’t care or even think about  being better or worse than someone, and see people with a lot more fun, fair, lighthearted point of views.

This sounds like a quite obvious and ordinary thing, but every time I feel nervous or unconfident, I tend to forget.

Whenever things are not working as the way you want, let’s not for get, that it’s always your another – weaker, judgmental, and fearful – self that you really have to beat out, not anyone else.

Here’s a quote I want to constantly remind myself.

“You’re your own worst critic.”

This may or may not be true depending on the situation, but when you are trying to build a huge wall between yourself and someone you’ve just met for the first time (what a waste of a great chance!), it’s not really important whether it’s true.

Next time my coward self tries to control me, all I’m going to do is convince myself that it’s probably me who’s criticizing me in the meanest way, and there’s no need to be afraid of others being judgmental. Relax, open up, and just see how it goes… It can be a beginning of something exciting.


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