People are Reflective Polyhedrons – Those Around You Let You See Your Refletions

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One person once told me,
“You have a temper.”

The other day, a different person told me,
“You laugh a lot!”

Both of them are talking about the same person, me, but the ways they discribe me sounds like they are talking about completely different person.

Do I look that different to them?
Do they see that different features in me?
Or, am I actually being that different when I’m with the one person and when I’m with the other?

YES – is my answer to all these questions.

People often say that “other people are your mirrors.”
But my personal favorite way of describing what people are trying to say by using the word ‘mirror’ is; People are reflective polyhedral.

“Everyone is in different shapes, so they have many differents sides.
If you show your good side, the other person will also show you his/her good side. If you show your immature side, the other person will also show you his/her immature side. The same things always happen no matter what kind of your aspects you show.
People will show you their different sides depending on which phase of you you let them see.”

I think my mother was the first person who told me about this idea, years ago.

We are all humans. Some relationship works well, but others don’t. That’s the way it is. You just can’t help it… or, can you?

If there is someone you can’t stand, you easily get frustrated by, or if there is someone who always treat you in a mean, offensive, or unfair way, chances are there are not very complicated reasons.
Maybe you are not showing them your lovable side. Maybe they are not showing you their best side so you just don’t see that they actually have a good side. yet.
Once you realize that, start showing them your better side and try to find their good side. If you that doesn’t work and there’s no way you can find any of their side you might like, at least you can learn from it. I would say… a lot.

If you show people one side of you, it can invite the counterpart of them.
Is there anyone you become a nice person when you are around them, even without trying? Is there anyone you instantly feel inspired, motivated or encouraged when you’re with them, even without noticing?

Those people are most probably showing you their good sides and you are subconsciously showing your good sides back to them. They can see good in you, and you can see good in them.

You are very lucky to have them in your life. Writing this, I’ve just remembered how happy and grateful I should be. No matter who they are – friends, family, partner, spouse, colleagues… – let’s not forget how lucky you are, and appreciate them.


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