Life can be even more colorful

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As you get older, you experience things, and you get used to a lot of things.

When you were younger, there used to be so many things you’ve never done before, or things you do for the first time.

But  what about now? Chances are that you’ve already experienced plenty of things and almost everything you see  makes you feel like “I’ve been there.” or “Oh, this again.”

Whatever you do today, you may do it for the second time, or the third time, …or maybe even hundred-somethingth time.

I had a feeling like the more we experience, the more I get used to things, and things get boring. I was almost scared of being old because I thought it just means my life becomes less exiting each year.

However, on the contrary, even very little, insignificant, and simple things moves me more these days. A lot more than I expected they could. It feels like more and more things which used to be monochrome are getting its own new color.

I often make a joke with friends like “Oh we are getting so old that we cry very easily these days…” even though we are still in our 20s and not that old yet.

But that’s true. We cry easier than we did, don’t we? From time to time, even tiniest things moves us somehow. We have no clue but suddenly so many little things seem meaningful, precious, and important…

Even things that are so little that I would not have even noticed before, now grabs my attention, breaks my heart, and touches my soul.



I am not sure if it is appropriate to compare it with this, but when I’m learning English, which is my second language, I can’t catch a word that I don’t know, now matter how many times I (technically) hear that. But once I learned it, I can hear it and catch it even it is spoken in a very fast conversation or it is in lyrics.

Is there any possibility that our feelings work in the similar way?

As a result that we learn things and do stuff, we pile up our knowledge and experiences, and the taller our tower becomes, the more things we become able to notice, and understand.

Since we can understand, we can be compassionate and have empathy.

Since there are more things we empathize with than before, we realize that there are so many things we ignored before but now we feel important. Even a thing so small that we didn’t notice that it’s there.

I’d like to call it “it becomes more colorful”. The world has more colors, and our lives have more colors than they did when we were younger.


You can’t do unless you know,

you can’t recognize unless you know,

you can’t feel it unless you know,

maybe, you can’t even imagine unless you know.

Knowing more things might help us feel things more deeply. Maybe.


If that’s true, maybe the  world you see today has a little more colors than the world you saw yesterday. Doesn’t it sound a little exciting?


2 thoughts on “Life can be even more colorful

  1. Beautifully written Risa. I have to say that I agree with you 100%. I’ll tell you why later but I do believe that we attach emotions to our experiences and the more experience that we have the more emotional we become. People with a lot of life experience, I think, tend to have an High EQ. To me a most important human characteristic. Thank you for sharing this enlightened piece. You’re an amazing woman 😉

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Paul!
      Yeah I do feel like our emotions and experiences are somehow related or connected, but still not sure why…
      I’d love to know more details about your idea. Can’t wait to see you and chat with you about this soon😊
      Thank you for always being very kind and supportive☺️


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