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I don’t usually translate this series into English, but recently I came to wonder if there are anyone interested in how I learned English as my second language, so here I’d like to briefly describe what I wrote in the Japanese post.

As a Japanese girl born and raised in Japan, English is my second lauguage. Now I can communicate with other people in English with almost no problem, and I can also write blogs, watch Netfix with no subtitles amd understand.

When most Japanese people see other Japanese who speak fluent English, they tend to assume these people are special, or must be hardworking, or must have some kind of secrets. But when people describe me as such, I always deny that – because I can’t be applied to any of these.

I was not really a good student. I was busy practicing the saxophone (I was in a wind orchestia, which most of the jounir high schools or high schools in Japan have), singing along to old Taylor Swift songs, or just hanging out with my friends.

Basically, I was so lazy that I only wanted to do something fun. something exciting.
(Girls just wanna have fun, you know?)

For me, learning English never felt like “studying”, because I found ways to learn English by just having fun, such as singing American pop songs, watching movies, TV series, or YouTube videos.

From my personal experience, I truly believe that the most important keys for Japanese English learners to improve their English are:

“learn English while doing what you love” and “it’s okay to take a break from time to time, but never quit”.

In other words, if you can find a theme that you’re really interested in and if you learn or research about it in English, you can also learn English so much more easily, quick, and most importantly – with having fun. And the memory will stick a lot longer than when you were just cramming or stairing at your text book.

In this series I’ve been introducing to Japanese readers TV series and YouTube channels that helped me a lot to learn English.

With all that’s said, today I’d love to write about an amazing fitness YouTube channel – “Yoga with Adrian”.

What I love about her channel is the variety of choices she offers to the viewers.

Each video is a sequence of yoga moves curated based on unique themes and purposes – such as “yoga for good night sleep”, “yoga for headaches”, “yoga for digestion”, “yoga for broken hearts, “yoga for anxiety”, …and more. 

Also she makes playlists of her videos, classifying the videos based on the length. There are short ones( 3 – 10 minutes), medium ones (15 – 30 minutes), and also long ones (40 – 60 minutes).

While you’re actually doing yoga watching her video, she shows us various versions of moves; she often suggests a pose for begginers and another (similar, but more difficult) pose for advanced level at the same time, so we can choose.

We can choose the theme, length, and moves, based on the conditions of our minds and bodies, the limited time we have, and our levels – because we’re doing yoga not to show off to anyone, but simply for ourselves – and this is the beauty of her channel.

Here you can download a PDF, a list of words (in both English and Japaense) I struggled with when I just started watching her videos! If you’re an English speaker studying Japanese, I hope you find it interesting.
[Like a Tiny Flower]Yoga-in-English Words&Phrases.pdf (129 downloads)


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