Encouraging words let me moved on to a new career

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You have feelings and thoughts within you, and you shouldn’t ignore them. You should face them, even if that makes you feel uncomfortable. Well, that’s what I believe, at least for now.

Recently, writing blog posts helps me to face and think about what I’m really thinking pretty well. It gives me opportunities to stop and take time to carefully observe how I am feeling, and what I should do about it.
And this clears my mind and changes my actions into something better.

Today, something has just reminded me of a moment that made me realize how important to face my true, honest feelings, so I’d like to put them out here.

I changed my job a few years ago, and started working as a international sales for a trading company.

Before that, I used to work for a manufacturer of children’s clothes as a planner of merchandise.
I loved that job, being surrounded by and thinking about so many of cute things every day. What I was doing was very importand and responsible, even though it was when I have just graduated.

At the same time, a part of me also felt disappointed about not being able to work internationally using English, even though that’s what I always wanted to do. English was always my favorite subject to learn at school, and International Relations were my major in the university.
However I was so scared of getting out of what I had at that time and reaching out to a completely new things. I was constantly struggling, wavering between these two thoughts.

Then one of my senior colleagues told me something like this.

“Even if you put a lid on your feelings, it will open again, sooner or later.
If you’re trying to put a lid on what you’re strongly feeling, don’t you think it will open again, eventually?”

Then I realized my desire to try a new job which I can use English and work internationally was so strong that I can’t ignore. I mean, I could, but I knew it would be only for a very short time.
And finally, I decided to ingore my fear, not my desire, and to move on.
That decision led me to my current job, which is not easy… but full of opportunities to work with people from different cultures using English.

There are always countless of feelings come and go through my mind.
You might want to hide some of them from other people.
There might be some that you want to act like you didn’t even notice.
You might try to convince you something which is not necessarily what you really believe.

Sometimes, you just can’t help it. Sometimes it can be right thing to do.
Sometimes you have to shut up and do what you have to do.

But you should remember, if you ignore your true feelings, those feelings don’t go away. They stay there. Maybe as long as you ignore.
And you should also remember, that even if you put a lid on your feelings, it will open again. sooner or later.

It’s a lot better to face them instead. Even if you hide them from other people, at least YOU should not ignore. You’re the only one who can pay attention to and take care of them.

And take it slowly… if you achieved to do something about one of those feelings, that’s when you’re certainly one step ahead.


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