Create Your Own Sunshine – The Secret Power of Healthy Information Diet

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“In life you often have to create your own sunshine.”

7 Things Happy, Healthy People Do Every Morning by Marc Chernoff from Marc and


I love this quote. Every day, life happens to us. Things may go smoothly but thigs also may get stuck at some point. We, as grown-ups, do need to know how we can take care of ourselves when things are not going as the way we wanted.

Worry, depression, self-doubts, or other negative feelings often come to me, but I don’ t want to let them stop me trying to stay positive every day as much as I can.

Here are some secrets, I’ve found recently, of how I create my own sunshine:

Just like you choose healthy meals for your physical health, choose nourishing words for your mental health.

To be specific, I always try to spend my spare time, like my commute and alone time before and after work, reading books, listening to podcast, watching YouTube videos that I carefully select by myself.

Well, you might probably be saying, “Wow that’s so original! Thanks for sharing your secret!” (with a very sarcastic look).

I get it. I know none of these are new or unique, but that is not the point.


There are also things I try not to spend my precious time on. They are;

  • Scrolling my smartphone staring at social media mindlessly.
  • Watching TV without any consideration about time or purpose.


Do you see what I’m trying to do?

I’m trying to carefully and mindfully select what kind of words I am going to hear or read.


I can’t help feeling depressed or frustrated whenever I see people harshly criticizing others, picking up someone who’s trying to achieve their goals, talking about dark news which is even hard to believe that happened, gossiping about someone they have never met, or speaking smack about someone. I’m not proud of this but if I become very honest, other people’s photos showing their “perfect” lives make me feel down and even envious sometimes, especially when I’m suffering something.


This kind of information is often found on social media and mainstream media like TV. Knowing that, it’s still hard to get rid of them from your daily lives. We somehow can’t stop staring at screens once we started, even if we know clearly that they will never change our lives in any positive way.


There must be people who don’t let this kind of information affect them, or someone even don’t mind at all. I respect them so much. However, since I always tend to take everything too seriously, I can’t help taking those negative words personally. Even though I know that I don’t need to.


I’m sure that there are some upsides of social media and TV. For me it is that you can often encounter some really good information that you’ve never expected or imagined. It feels as if countless information walk, run, or even fly toward you. They come to you. If you don’t care about taking initiative, all you have to do is just sit there and wait for anything that comes and goes around you. You can react to them in any way you want- you can seize it, stare at it, inspect it, or grab it and take it to your home. It’s just your choice. And your choice can end up bringing some happy accidents.

Some are very good at the choice. But I am not. People like me is more likely end up trying to catch everything (and fail of course) and feeling exhausted along the way.


Then I came to this solution; Choose information you pay your attention to. Just like you choose healthy meal for your physical health, choose nourishing words for your mental health.


It may seem like that can narrow your mind and limit your perspectives, but there’s something you can do to avoid it. Interact with people. I mean, in real life! Look up from the social media, and instead, email or message your friends. Set a date and meet them. That’ s far more exciting scrolling and staring screen and feel like as if you understand what’s going on out there, since people can surprise you, by showing you a new world, sharing their thoughts with you, or simply just spending time together happily.

That’s said, do you still need to stress out by letting negative words and comments be around you?


Once I started choosing what I read, listen to, or watch, I came to realize how calm and positive I can feel every day, how much time I actually had to work on something I always wanted to do, and how much information you consume can change you.

This is such an exciting experience. Now I feel less anxious about trying new things, since I know that if I be careful about what I am consuming, what I am spending time on, I have plenty of time to do what I want to do. And there are so much of beneficial and useful information out there. We have access to plenty of them, and some of them are free, such as Podcast or YouTube. Once you get good information that can empower you, you can used it from tomorrow. From today!


Whether you choose or not, every word you find will stay at your mind, and your mind will marinate them, then whether you notice or not, they become what consists you. Then in the end of the day, they will be what always helps you, supports you, encourages you, and leads you in your life.


“In life you often have to create your own sunshine.”


How do you create your own sunshine? For me, it’s by selecting carefully and mindfully words and information to let stay in my mind.



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