Whether you like it or not, most of us are now spending so much time at home. As an introvert, I love staying home, but as much as I enjoy my alone time, I also love going out to eat, drink, and especially, to see live music. Since I cannot go out these days, staying home, which is usually one of my favorite ways to spend my free time, is starting to make me feel a little blue. If we think about the reason why…Continue Reading “10 Things You Can Do to Make You Happy at Home”

I have been learning English for years, and since when I was young, becoming someone who can communicate, understand, and cooperate with people regardless of their cultural backgrounds has always been one of my dreams. Along the way, I gradually came to believe that there is a key to achieve that goal – it is to become less like Japanese. I honestly thought that was necessary to prove that I am a fluent English speaker, and that I can be friends not just with Japanese but…Continue Reading “Underestimated Perks of Being Born and Raised in Asia”

“Give me a break, 2020!” I’m pretty sure that it is not just me who has been keep saying this these days. It has only been a few month since it started, but it has already given us enough nightmares. Everything – even things you did not even have to think about much, or things you never doubt that is “right” or “normal” – is now posing problems and confusing us all. Here are the 5 things I learned from this uneasy beginning of this…Continue Reading “5 Things I Learned from the Uneasy Beginning of 2020”

Have you recently been in a situation where you feel so much pressure? Sometimes we cannot avoid stressful situations – especially when we have responsibilities or someone’s expectations. When we don’t want to or can’t fail – sometimes we feel like we are not even allowed to fail – we get nervous and start thinking about all the what-ifs. “What if things didn’t work out as planned and I failed so badly?” “What if I couldn’t make people happy?” “What if I couldn’t make anyone satisfied?”…Continue Reading “Everything will be okay, because I’m not alone.
-Secret to deal with pressure”

I’m always working as “someone in the middle”. Whether it’s for my full-time job in a trading company, or for my personal project of organizing music events at my favorite bar, the most part of my job is to be in the middle, and to work with people on the both sides cooperatively. As I wrote before, I am working as a sales for a Japanese trading company, which imports industrial machines mainly from Europe, and sell them to Japanese users – manufacturers, labs, R&D…Continue Reading “Turn Dilemma into a Chance
– An Important Role of Someone in the Middle”

In the middle of a week, I often realize that I am telling myself “Only a few days to go, and I can finally have some rest…!” I assume so do you. I think the readers of my blog are pretty busy people. (Thank you for taking your precious time to read my blog!) And the reason why we are always working so busy like this, is probably because we have something we want to achieve. Today’s article is about the biggest concern I am…Continue Reading “3 Things You Can Do to Avoid Burnout”

When a group of people try to do something “just as we always do” or in a way “how it’s always done”, once in a while, someone in the group starts questioning the decision. They starts like this – “Wait, are we really okay with this? ” “Is this really what we wanted?” or “In the first place, …” What they are trying to do is digging into the problem and trying to make everyone think more carefully about what is going on and find…Continue Reading “A Secret to Making Your Job More Fulfilling”

When I say I’m an introvert, people tend to be surprised, but my long time close friends always say “that’s kind of obvious”. But yeah, I am such a clumsy, a little socially awkward introvert. Or maybe I should say that I used to be such a clumsy, a little socially awkward introvert. Without any traumatic experiences that I know of, about socializing, relationships, or overall people, I have no idea what made me be like this. However I assume this is mainly coming from…Continue Reading “A Little Advice on Socializing for Worried Introverts”

I don’t believe that there’s anyone compatible with anyone. In other words, I think no matter how hard you try, you’ll never find anyone you have nothing to disagree with. With that said, in this post I’d like to talk about how we can live as happy as we can even with some disagreements. I gradually came to think this way by having so many, great opportunities to have deep, meaningful conversations with talented, cool people these days. Even when it seems you and someone…Continue Reading “Disagreement isn’t the dead end, it’s just one of the signs.”

People sometimes fail to believe in themselves. Even someone who seems to be successfully pursuing their goals. People tend to think that they shouldn’t share their stories with others so much, because that could end up your idea, resource, or even success being stolen by someone else. Sometimes people focus on competing so much and that keeps them from sharing their stories with others – stories about their fears, worries, ideas, thoughts, and so forth. But I believe that’s the opposite thing what people with…Continue Reading “You can’t win alone. If you have a goal, don’t be afraid of sharing.”