I don’t remember since when, but I have always been wishing the world to be a place where people welcome differences, learn from each other, and always can be who they really are. Somehow even before I know the word “diversity”, diverse society was my dream. However I don’t have much skills for that. The only thing I achieved through my life so far is becoming a bilingual. I speak Japanese as my first language, and I learned English as my second language. With my…Continue Reading “Faster and Firmer Way to Boost Diversity: Technologies that Will Bring Kindness into Life”

Loneliness is a natural feeling for all of us. It’s deeply connected to our mind, and it’s just normal to feel lonely from time to time. However, it seems like we are so scared of talking about it. One thing I didn’t realize until recent – probably because of how less we talk about it – is that the motivation that loneliness gives people is so much bigger than we realize. Some people can turn loneliness into something positive. They use the time for themselves…Continue Reading “How to Stop Letting Your Loneliness Take Control of Your Life”

I don’t really remember, but according to my mom, when me and my younger brother were little kids, she had a very smart strategy to lead us to love any food, even vegetables. When my younger brother eats something for the first time, if he didn’t love the food instantly, even before he can decide whether he likes it or hates it, my mom and I quickly eat the same thing, smile, and talked to him, “It’s so yummy, isn’t it?” Then surprisingly, he always…Continue Reading “The Smallest Thing You Can Do for a More Loving World”

Everyone has a bad day. Everyone gets into a rut from time to time. If you are feeling tired, sad, disappointed, unmotivated – remember it never lasts forever. These feelings are terrible, but always temporary. But the thing is, even if you know it’s temporary, sometimes that doesn’t make you feel better – because knowing that can’t fix anything. Especially if you are not just having a clumsy or unlucky day, but experiencing a hard time – such as you’re feeling lost about your life,…Continue Reading “6 Things You Can Do When You Feel Like a Failure”

People’s minds are complicated. It’s very hard to fully understand what’s going on inside, because there are so many different layers in each of our mind. We even hardly understand correctly about our own mind. It requires so much care and effort to check your thoughts and behaviors to see if there are contradictions. It’s very easy to be blind about yourself. Sometimes we even end up doing something that actually contradicts to what we honestly believe or want. To be honest, I’m not confident…Continue Reading “Ignorance is Not Innocent”

“What’s your strength?” “What’s your goal?” “What do you wanna achieve in the future?” We often get asked these questions, sometimes in job interviews, sometimes even in just casual conversations. However, do we really know how we can find the right answers to these questions? In my case, when I try to think about my options for the future, I often look back my past. I review my past experiences, and based on that, I see things I succeeded as “what I can do”, and…Continue Reading “Your Past Doesn’t Equal Your Potential – The Right Way to See Your Future”

Recently I’m lucky enough to get messages from people who read my blog posts, saying “Your post made me feel much better. Thank you for sharing.” I’m so happy and overwhelmed! Knowing that there are some people taking their time to read what I write is already unbelievable and exciting. Now, there are people who even send me messages…? What’s going on? I’m the one who should be sending thank you messages to all of you! I feel so grateful – and this experience made…Continue Reading “Becoming a Wonder Woman is Not the Only Answer – The Hidden Advantages of a Sensitive Person”

What do you be like when you’re stressed? What does stress make you do? When I’m stressed, I tend to subconsciously do things that actually hurt myself. Stress drives me to do things that don’t serve me, or things that move myself away from what I really want. That might sound too dramatic, but what I do are quite small things. For instance, eating junk food while wishing to be healthier, overeating while wanting to be fit to wear clothes I really want to wear,…Continue Reading “How to Deal with Stress While Pursuing Your Goal”

I don’t believe there’s anyone who is always completely happy, peaceful, and balanced. Is it even possible for a human being to be stable all the time? Even if it is, it must require so much time and effort to master that superpower. I don’t know why, but becoming a person who is always happy has been one of my top goals for a quite long time. I wish I could be someone who is always sweet, calm, and smart all the time, no matter…Continue Reading “2 Things to Practice If You Want to Be Someone Who is Always Happy”

I’ve been working from home since the beginning of April, and I haven’t seen anyone in person for more than two months, except from some of my colleagues I meet when I go to the office once a month, and people working or shopping at grocery stores in my neighborhood. As much as it sounds so lonely – somehow I’m not feeling lonely at all. I always thought I was someone who gets lonely very easily. I believed that I can’t live anywhere but where…Continue Reading “One Simple Thing That Can Help Us To Get Through Hard Times”