If you think you have nothing to be proud about yourself, or if you think you aren’t enough, I might not know much about you, but I’d like to tell you, “You are wrong!” I honestly believe that there’s no such thing as a human being that has nothing to be proud of. Even if there was, that’s only true when that person believes that they aren’t enough, that they have nothing, and act on that belief – and actions based on that belief gradually…Continue Reading “Let Me Explain Why You’re A Badass
– What We All Should Learn from
“Queer Eye””

April has started. In Japan, beginning of April means a new beginning of their lives for many people. Not just it’s a back to school season, it’s when young people start working after graduation, and also it’s the beginning of a new term for many companies. (But it’s not “back to work” season since we almost never take a month-long or weeks-long holidays before the new term begins… for most people already in a business world, it is one of the busiest season.) It could…Continue Reading “How to Build Self Confidence
[Part 1] What’s Self Confidence? & 3 Reasons Why You Should Build It”