These days when Japanese people see me talking in English, they often say things like this – “I wish if I could speak in English like you do. It must be fun.” “If I want to speak in English fluently, do I have to study abroad?” As much as I am grateful that they are so nice to say these things, I also started worrying if they think I can speak in English because I am special. Because that is NOT true at all! I…Continue Reading “My English Learning Journey
– Poof That You Can Also Be a Fluent English Speaker”

I don’t usually translate this series into English, but recently I came to wonder if there are anyone interested in how I learned English as my second language, so here I’d like to briefly describe what I wrote in the Japanese post. As a Japanese girl born and raised in Japan, English is my second lauguage. Now I can communicate with other people in English with almost no problem, and I can also write blogs, watch Netfix with no subtitles amd understand. When most Japanese…Continue Reading “How I learned English
Part.6 Yoga in English”