7 Positive Changes Happened to Me in 7 Months of Blogging

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About a month ago, I wrote an article “11 Reasons Why I Started My Blog” and there I said that starting this blog was one of the best decision I made in my life. It’s been a while since the post was uploaded, and today I’m finally going to write about the reasons why I think starting this blog was such a good idea, by sharing 7 positive changes happened to me in the past 7 months of blogging.

If you are interested and thinking about starting a blog, or even journaling just for yourself, I highly recommend you to start. These great changes may happen to you, too.

1. My overall writing skill has improved, and my writing speed got much faster.

At my day job in a trading company,  I often have so many opportunities to write – such as reports, meeting minutes, or even just emails.

When you write for these purposes, it is important and also required to think “What can I do to make it easier for someone who wasn’t there to understand?” – and I used to hate that. However, through blogging, I learned to enjoy thinking about how to make my writings easier for other people to understand, and hopefully more enjoyable to read.

I used to feel overwhelmed whenever I have to write about detailed specifications of machines or reports of experiments. It just felt like such a laborious and tiring job, and wanted to run away.

But when I write for my blog, I really enjoyed thinking about if anyone who’s gonna read this would understand what I mean, or enjoy reading it, not just because I am doing this for fun, but also because I could often see if whatever I tried worked or not, by people’s reaction to each post. I enjoyed all the trials and errors. Then I realized, what is important must be basically the same thing when I am writing for my day job, too.

Since then whether I am writing for my day job or for my blog, I tried as much as I could to be creative and make whatever I am writing easy and even enjoyable for other people to go through and process – and then my experiences of writing at work and at blogging begun to cross over. I realized what I learned from writing a blog post can be also used when I’m writing at work, and vice versa.

So basically now I am practicing writing and learning about writing twice as much as I used to do before I started my blog. And as a result, (at lease I believe that) my writing quality got better, and writing speed got much faster.

2. My English (my second language) improved.

The same thing is happening to my language learning. I am working in Japan so mostly I speak and write in Japanese. But since my job is to introduce and sell industrial machines made in Europe to Japanese manufacturers, everyday I get chances to write emails and documents in English, too – sometimes to check and confirm detailed specifications of machines, sometimes to get quotations, or to ask for help or advice when some troubles occurred at our customers’ factories or labos.

These days I feel writing emails and making documents in English in such situations became much easier to me than before. One of the biggest reason should be; my writing speed in English got much faster.

Since this is a English and Japanese bilingual blog, I constantly write in English and Japanese. Even translating my own writings seems really helpful for me to learn more of both languages and to write quicker.

Through this experience, I realized one important, but tend to be forgotten or underrated thing.

What’s really important in global business communication is not necessarily language skills or translation skill, but a skill to fully understand the situation, to know what exactly we need to solve the problem, and to think deeply about what we really need to tell our business partners or customers. And this is what we really need to focus on and spend more time on – not just writing or translating. In order to be able to focus on what is really important, I will continue to improve my English so that I can write or translate in a minimum necessary time.

3. I read more.

The habit of constantly writing makes me realize how narrow my range of writing expressions is and how limited my vocabulary is.

I begun to think I’m obliged to read high quality writings, so that I can make what I write worth reading for other people.

Also, during the process of putting whatever in my mind into words, I gradually become able to see more clearly what I am really thinking, and what I am actually suffering from. Writing clears my mind and helps me to realize my true worries and problems. Once I know what the real problem is, I want to figure out what I can do about it. Then, reading books always seemed the most reliable and efficient way to look for a guide.

However, I wouldn’t say that I am a book warm… since I guess so many of you read more than I do. For example, number of books I read in:

  • 2017 : 2
  • 2018 : 14

Now I read 7 times more books than before I started blogging! …Well, obviously it’s just because I read only a few books in the previous year. I want to read a lot more this year, so that I can proudly call myself a book warm.

4. I see things more positively.

When something bad, frustrating, disappointing happened to myself, I came to react in more positive ways.

When I face those situations, after I started blogging, I came to try to think “What could this event teach me?” and in most cases, I also try to find something I can write about for this blog.

Just thinking this way always makes me feel a lot better, and see the situation in more positive way.

I could say that I found a way that I can turn negative things into something positive, meaningful, and helpful.

5. My life became more fun and exciting.

This blog is my creative outlet. I can try whatever I think that could be a good idea. Then I see the result, and give myself a feedback – and then, think about the next thing I want to try.

This blog gives me a freedom, and that always makes me happy. That lets my mind become more open and honest to my feelings, interests, and curiosity, and that could lead me to somewhere I’ve never been to before. This blog simply makes my life more fun, and exciting.

6. People kindly share their experiences and thoughts with me more.

Sometimes when I meet someone, that person tells me that he or she read my blog and liked it. Sometimes, someone I was not in touch for a long time suddenly send me a really nice message such as “I really liked your blog post. Let’s catch up, I have something I want to talk about with you”. And they start to tell me about their experiences and thoughts related to what I wrote.

Maybe because I shared my experiences and thoughts with them first through my blog post, that made them want to share theirs with me – and I am really, really grateful every time something like this happen. Not just because I love listening to people’s stories, or I much prefer deep meaningful conversations to small talks, but also because in that way we can get to know more about each other. It means so much to me when people share their stories with me.

To be honest, this is the opposite reaction to what I expected. Before I start, I was worried if someone criticized me, judged me, and if I got embarrassed. However, people always give me some really thoughtful and nice comments about my blog. I’m not used to it yet, I get surprised every time. I really appreciate that there are people who are interested in what I am writing here.

7. I am less scared about new things.

When I came up with some idea which I didn’t know how to do, I usually let the idea go, moved on and just forgot about it. I easily gave up those ideas, and I even believed I was just being realistic or efficient.

However, through the journey I’ve been through after I started this blog from a scratch with no experience or knowledge, I learned a lot and came to think “I don’t know how to do it now, but I will figure it out anyway.” and just start working on it.

As I wrote a lot about it in “Starting a New Thing is Easier than You Think.” series, there are are so many ways you can learn a new thing from a scratch, even with really small budget.

Whenever I found something I wanted to do but didn’t know how  – such as “how to create a blog”,  “how to install a new plug in” or “how to insert a photo into your blog post”, and so on – I didn’t give up like I did in the past, but always learned how and eventually did it. And every time I thought “It was a lot easier than I thought!”

I repeated the cycle again and again, and I will keep repeating it, because there is always something new I want to try, but don’t know how. Repeating this, I came to be a little more confident and be able to trust myself that I will figure out how I can do the new thing.

Instead of seeing what you don’t know as something scary, see it as something you will be able to do – I believe that just learning to think this way expanded my possibilities so much.

For the ending of this article, I would like to answer to the three frequently asked questions about this blog.

Q1: How many people are reading this blog “Like a Tiny Flower”?

A1: Approximately 200 to 300 users per month are visiting this web site.

In January 2019, 331 users visited this site.

I am counting by “users” not “people” because if you read this article both on your phone and on your PC, you are “1” person, but will be counted as “2” users, and it is almost impossible to count the actual number of “people” who visited.

Q2: Which is the most popular article?

A2: It is a little difficult how we should define “popular”, but if we simply compare the number of likes each article got, these two articles are most popular ones with the same number of likes.


(“A letter to sensitive people”)

楽しいことだけやりたい人の英語学習法 vol.1 心構えと必要なもの

(“English learning for those just wanna have fun [part 1] mindset and what you should prepare”)

I am so sorry that neither of them are translated in English yet…

But both of them are my favorite so I am happy the readers also liked them.

If you liked my blog, there are always a heart shaped like button below each page, so if you could hit the like button, that mean so much to me. Just one like from you will definitely motivates me a lot!

Q3: How much are you earning from blogging?

A3: Nothing! I make no money by blogging so far.

There are so many ways to monetize a blog, such as putting advertising, or putting affiliate links and write blog posts to introduce the products.

However, there are countless of bloggers who do that, and that is not what I want to tell the world through my writings.

I always have a goal about the feeling I want anyone who took their precious, limited time to read my blog to feel after they finish reading it. And that cannot be achieved if I chose to monetize this blog in these ways.

First of all, advertising is often so destructive just by being there, and I don’t want the destruction in my web page. I am going to keep writing only about what I truly love and believe worth sharing with you.

I hope to see you soon in my next blog post!


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